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for Academics (Executives and Specialists)

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Dr. Martin Stotz
Diplom-Kaufmann (MBA)

Highly professional, individual und custom taylored ...

... based on long years experience as executive search consultant as well as coach and trainer with certification.

Custom-made support for Managers and Specialists   


You are are looking for a new position? You wish support / help of a german expert, who has long years of experience (since 1996) as executive search consultant / headhunter and therefore knows very good the perspective of HR decision makers and hence is able to counsel you in a very highly competent way? You wish help

  • to present this in CV and cover letter as perfektly as possible,
  • to prepare to interviews as well as possible,
  • or first to orient,
  • to clear your goals,
  • to develop a career / application strategy which is optimal for you,
  • to analyse requirements lined out in job advertisments,
  • to prepare for assessment centers or development centers,
  • to successfully prove yourself while beeing the first time / weeks on a new position?

Then I could be the suitable coach / counsellor for you.

My clients think highly of me besides my experience in executive search since 1996 that I help them as custom-made as possible. That I first of all ask and listen very exactly. Then develop commonly with them solutions suit to their individual career / background, to their personality, and to their mind. In any phase of their prozess of new orientation / application in which they wish to be supported. For managers with long years of experience as well as for graduates.

Simply contact us.

Let us sound out whether our way of counselling and coaching suits to your expectations.